Explore Together

We are excited to confirm that we are starting Explore Together - a chance for older people to get together with some nursery children to discover the joy of intergenerational relationships! It is an opportunity to bring people together who would not normally have that chance. It allows older people to pass on their skills and knowledge and young children to discover new activities. Each week the bond between the participants grows stronger. The older people will be encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of the nursery children and each one will make a new friend.

Explore Together brings a group of 6 older people together with 6 nursery children for 6 x 1.5 hour sessions. Explore Together was piloted last year and had very positive outcomes for both the older people and children involved. The opportunity to spend quality time with a nursery child had a major impact on the mental wellbeing of the older people, it increased confidence, encouraged older people to be more active and participate, but the main benefit was the bond between the two groups. The older people developed a ‘granny’ like relationship with the children in some cases which was really powerful to see. The older participants were really empowered by the experience both in terms of their opportunity to share their skills and knowledge but primarily because it made them feel special and valued and in some gave them the opportunity to bond with a small child, which they had never previously experienced. The adults are in a sense co-leaders with Explore Together as they help the children with a range of tasks. The book of photographs given to each at the end gave them a lasting memory.