Nani Ji

We are really delighted to have a new project for 2019 called Nani Ji!

Nani Ji is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the UK Government and aims to encourage older Asian women to come out of their homes and make new friends, develop skills and have new experiences.

The project was launched on 17th January and we were amazed that 43 older women came along and shared their ideas about things they would like to do. These ranged from exercise and swimming to sewing and trips. Following the huge success of the launch, we are now running a Nani Tea on Thursday afternoons at 1pm, where we are running a series of taster sessions to enable us to plan activities that will be enjoyable.

Do you know an older Asian women who would benefit from a chance to meet together with some new (and old) friends? If they live in the BD3/BD2 area why not bring them along to our Thursday afternoon session? You are welcome to stay with them to ensure they feel comfortable.

We are excited to confirm that we are starting Explore Together - a chance for older people to get together with some nursery children to discover the joy of intergenerational relationships! It is an opportunity to bring people together who would not normally have that chance. It allows older people to pass on their skills and knowledge and young children to discover new activities. Each week the bond between the participants grows stronger. The older people will be encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of the nursery children and each one will make a new friend.

Nani Ji Baking Explore Together…baking buns!

Community Fund

Funded by UK Government