Board of Directors

We currently have some vacancies for Board of Directors.

Would you make a good Director?

Are you over 18 years old? Do you live in the Otley Road and Undercliffe area? Are you interested in your local community? Would you say that you have some experience of any of the following? Business skills, Community Action Managing Money, Managing people Knowledge of minority communities Interest in the community Networking (getting different groups together)

The Board will have 17 members made up as follows: 4 users(U), 6 locally elected(L), the remaining 7 members of the Board have been put in place because we recognise the need to draw on other skills and expertise: one professionally qualified(Q); one professional with relevant skills living/working locally(R); one from North Wing(NW) and 4 from St Augustine’s Church(C). The Company Secretary (CP) is non-voting unless they also hold one of the 17 places as above.

Current vacancies: 2 church, 3 users and 1 locally elected residents, 1 professional with relevant skills living or working locally.

Current members are: (L) Howard Middleton (L) Vacant (L) Vacant (L) Sue Mearns (L) Austin Bradshaw (Company Secretary) (L) Judy White (C) Rosy Fairhurst (C) Janet Naylor (C) Tina Jones (NW) Rhys North (Chair) (Q) Alison Ryan (Safeguarding) (U) Naz Shagufta

If you are interested in becoming a Board of Director give us a ring for more details.