Community News

We are very pleased say that our friends at JU:MP - which stands for Join Us - Move Play have funded a new tennis net, cricket stumps and a wonderful basketball hoop. Basketball Hoop in Peel Park Why not try it out - but remember to follow social distancing rules when you do so?

Here are the final designs for the latest addition to improve play facilities for children in Peel Park. This one is funded by Better Start Bradford and is designed for 0-3s. Spiders and webs Click on the image for a closer look.

The natural play area in Peel Park is finally finished!

If you are struggling and need some help give us a ring and we will try our best to help.

It is official the Playarea at the lower end of Peel Park will remain and be developed. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and hopefully many of you will want to have an input in redeveloping the play equipment for the future.

Have you visited the Totem and Play Trail at Peel Park? There are 12 animal and bird totem heads dotted around the park plus 9 new pieces of play equipment. There is even a map with them all on that you can pick up from the Café or Communityworks so you can follow the trails. Can you find the snake? Or the butterfly

Totem and Play Trail Map

Have you noticed 12 new creatures dotted around Peel Park? The Friends of Peel Park have been slowly raising funds through the proceeds from the cafe and our first big purchase is an Animal Totem Trail. There are 12 carved animal heads placed around the whole of Peel Park - see if you can spot them all! Can you find the spider?

Every Saturday morning Peelers Café is open in Peel Park for tea, coffee and homemade cakes and biscuits. Why not pop down between 10am & 2pm? Every first Saturday of the month there is a Litterpick which starts from the café at 11am. Come and help keep the park looking great!

Zafar our Community Star

We are very pleased and proud to report that our very own Zafar won a Community Star at the Telegraph & Argus Community Stars Awards 2016 for being a good neighbour. I am sure you will all agree he is a very worthy winner! He was nominated by Maha Al Jaffan and Iman Ladkani who both came to the ceremony!

Communityworks wants to help you develop your skills and to that end we are running English Classes so that you can communicate with the world around you. This means that when you go to school or the doctors or the supermarket you will be able to hold a conversation and deal with situations that arise. One of the great results of our support is that some people are getting interviews for the first time in their lives and some are getting into employment and out of poverty. If you would like to change your situation then come along to Communityworks and we will support you.

Please note that Communityworks will no longer be able to assist adults that are unwilling to join a class and take some responsibility for their personal development. We want to empower people to develop their full potential not create a dependency culture. We think this is the best way forward to make a positive change and if you don’t quite understand our approach please talk to one of the team who will explain in detail.