The Nursery is now closed except for those children that have been specifically invited to attend. If you would like a place for September please do get in touch.

This is what Ofsted said about our nursery when they last inspected it in November 2017:


“Effectiveness of the leadership and management Outstanding

“Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Outstanding

“Personal development, behaviour and welfare Outstanding

“Outcomes for children Outstanding

“Teaching is superb. The well-qualified staff meticulously observe children and plan highly effective activities to cater for their individual interests. Children develop excellent physical skills.” “The very dedicated manager works very closely with her staff team to establish highly effective partnerships with parents. Parents’ views are sought very regularly regarding the quality of the setting. This helps the manager to precisely identify gaps in practice.”

“Safeguarding is effective. The manager works highly effectively with her staff team to thread safeguarding policies expertly throughout all aspects of practice. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and vigilant about any safeguarding concerns. They work very closely with other professionals to provide a highly consistent approach to meeting children’s individual needs.”  “Children develop incredibly high levels of confidence. They demonstrate excellent motivation when completing their own chosen challenges.”

“The manager uses additional funding to provide highly unique and tailored opportunities for children to develop their skills and abilities. Children are highly curious and are motivated to learn. They demonstrate first-rate thinking skills. Children sit closely to their key person and show enthrallment in stories. They absorb themselves into the world of the characters and enthusiastically join in with what they think might happen next. Staff expertly thread mathematical language throughout all aspects of practice. They very skilfully plan activities based on what children know and can already do. They precisely identify what children need to learn next.”

They also said: “To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:  continue to refine the already excellent partnership working with parents and maintain the superb involvement in their children’s learning.

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