There are places available for two, three and four year olds in our 56 place Nursery for January 2018.

This is what Ofsted said about our nursery when they last inspected it in March 2014:

 “The quality of teaching is good. Staff create a rich, imaginative and extremely enabling indoor and outdoor environment. Consequently, children develop great levels of curiosity and skills for future learning as they freely explore and investigate.”  “The nursery work extremely hard at developing close relationships with parents and/or carers and other professionals with strong communication systems. Consequently, inclusion for all children is well-ensured.”  “The nursery’s safeguarding policies and procedures are reviewed continually. As a result, staff are subject to a rigorous recruitment, vetting and induction procedure and fully understand any revised safeguarding procedures.”  “Staff have a very positive attitude to developing their practice and knowledge. This means the capacity to continuously improve the setting is strong.”

They also said:”Staff sit alongside children as they play, showing their own enjoyment in activities, which helps children maintain focus and interest. They listen to children and carefully observe children’s involvement. They intervene at opportune moments to enhance or extend children’s learning and vocabulary and ignite their curiosity through their good questioning, discussions and active participation.” “Leadership and management of the nursery is strong. The provider and management team have a secure understanding of their responsibilities in meeting the safeguarding and welfare requirements and the learning and development requirements. Consequently, they promote children’s welfare and ensure a good quality early years experience for all children. There is a clear emphasis on ensuring all children are fully involved in the life of the nursery and effective systems for monitoring the progress of all children.”


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