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What have you been doing when you are not at Nursery?

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Hello children, this weeks Peel Park challenge is to find the butterfly. Inaayah has kindly painted one for us.

Click on the links below to listen to a story and songs and facts about caterpillars and how they become butterflies. Enjoy.😊

Click here to listen to The Hungary Caterpillar… Facts about a butterfly Click for a song about a butterfly

Inaayah's Painting Here is Sarabjit singing a favourite song and 5 Little Monkeys…..

Last week we were finding out all about spiders. Can you find the spider’s web in Peel Park?

Here are some stories about spiders:

Itsy Bitsy Spider The Very Busy Spider Three Scary Spiders Click here to find out about spiders

Here are two new stories for you to enjoy: We are going on a bear hunt Jack and the beanstalk

Last week we delivered paint pallets to our nursery children working from home! Ikram has been busy.

Handprint Ikram's Painting

Click here as this week we are exploring the Chinese New Year

Click the link to hear Roobi read a story all about Chinese New Year

Can you find the owl in Peel Park? Barad found it and he found the hedgehog too!

Barad completes the Peel Park Challenge Click here to listen to a song about owls Click here for a story called Owl Babies Click here for another Percy the Park Keeper story - The Owl’s Lesson Click here to see an owl and other birds or prey?

Have you made a snowman, like Arwa and her sister and Zainab?

Arwa and her sister Zainab in the snow

Would you like a story? Click this link to watch Peace at Last read by Mandy from Nursery

Can you find the Hedgehog in Peel Park like Helena?

Helena completes the Peel Park Challenge Barad completes the Peel Park Challenge

Ameera's Hedgehog

Ameera has made a beautiful hedgehog with the resources from her activity pack

Helena looking at her storybook

Click here to watch Percy the Park Keeper and The Hedgehog’s Wings

Click here to discover 10 facts about hedgehogs

Click here for a hedgehog story and song

Helena is busy looking at her storybook

Farhann's Bird

Farhann has made a beautiful bird

These links will also give you some more ideas for things to do at home:

50 Things to do before you’re 5

Small Talk Website

Big Little Moments

Hungry Little Minds Campaign