Child Safety Week

Keeping your child safe fact sheets. Click here to find out more.

Watch and listen to the song about safety in the home. Click here.

Walk to School Week

The benefits of walking to school. Click here to find out.

Cross the road safely. Click here to find out how.

Exploring Minibeasts

Mad about Minibeasts story. Click here.

Snail Adventure. Click here.

The Minibeast That Lives In The Water. Click here to find out.

The Life Cycle of the Frog

Sing along to Five Little Speckled Frogs; click here.

Life cycle of a Frog. Click here.

The Farm

Let’s visit the farm. Click here.

There is something exciting happening on the farm; click here to listen to the story.

Old Macdonald had a Farm song; click here to sing along.

Gardening– The children are planting and growing.

Get out and grow challenge. Click here.

The Enormous Turnip. Click here .

A seed rhyme for you to watch and listen to. Click here.

Jasper And The Beanstalk

Click here to watch and listen to the story

Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Wishing all our families a wonderful Eid-al -Fitr

Children sharing their thoughts on Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr. Click here.

How Muslim families celebrate Eid-al-Fitr; click here.

Easter is a Christian Celebration.

Find out why we celebrate Easter. Click here.

A rhyme about Hot Cross Buns. Click here.

A rhyme about bunnies. Click here.

St Patricks Day 17th March – An Irish celebration for the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Click here to find out more about St Patricks Day.

Click here to watch and learn how to Irish dance.

Happy St Patricks Day to all who celebrate it.

Ramadan starts for all our Muslim families. March

What is Ramadan? Click here to find out.

Rameena’s Ramadan: Click here for the story.

A song about Ramadan: Click here.

Mothers Day 10th March.

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent, it was a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother and family. Today it is a day when children give presents, flowers, and home-made cards to their mothers.

A song for Mothers Day. Click here

I Love my mummy story. Click here

World Book Day 7th March

Why story telling is important to children. Click here.

Dugs reading song , watch and listen. Click here

Communication, Speech and Language

Encouraging your child to communicate from birth is vital in order for your child to make themselves understood. It also develops their speech and language which is also vital for their early and life long education.

Help develop your child’s speech and language. Click here for 10 top tips.

Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Day. February 21st

Why do we make pancakes ? Click here to find out.

Mr Wolf’s Pancake story. Click here.

A rhyme about pancakes. Click here.

Valentine’s Day, or St Valentine’s Day, is celebrated every year on 14th February. It’s the day when people show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love.

Love, Hugo asks, are there different kinds of love? Click here

We love the rain sing along song. Click here

Bag of Love: Mo shows her love for Tee and shares the secrets of her special bag of love. Click here

Chinese New Year – The year of the Dragon January 2024

How Chinese families celebrate Chinese New Year. Click here.

Watch the story of Nian and learn why people wear red, light firecrackers and bang drums to celebrate Chinese New Year. Click here.

Zog the Dragon is flying. Click here.

Chinese Dragon dance; click here to watch.

The children have been learning about light and dark.

The owl who was scared of the dark: click here.

Animals that come out at night: click here.

A story about shadows: click here.

Oral Health Visited today to protect your child’s teeth. 23.01.2024

Find out about how to look after your children’s teeth; click here

My first Dentist. Click here to watch it

A fun video for children to understand why they should brush their teeth; click here

The opticians – Your child’s Eyes are important to their learning.

Why its important to get your child’s eyesight tested. Click here

What happens when we get an eye test at the Optician. Click here watch it with your child.

We have had a number of children as early as 2 need glasses, ask the Optician to check your child’s if you are concerned or just get a routine check. If your child cannot see properly this will have an impact on their ability to learn effectively.

The children have been enjoying the story “Whatever Next”, about a bear who goes to the moon.

Watch and listen to the story; click here.

Poppa please get the moon for me. Click here to watch and listen

The children will be exploring about the moon later this week and next week. Look out of your window tonight and show your child the moon.

The real meaning of Christmas: a Christian Celebration for the birth of Jesus.

Click here for the story of baby Jesus.

We wish you a Merry Christmas song. Click here.

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ song: Click here.

A Song about a Christmas tree. Click here.

Click here for a fun Christmas song.

The Gruffalo

The story about the Gruffalo.

This enchanting film tells the story of a mouse who goes in search of a nut. Along the way, he is confronted by three hungry animals who each thinks that the mouse looks good!

Forced to rely on his wits for survival, Mouse invents an imaginary monster to scare them away, but what happens when he comes face to face with his own creation?

Click here to watch to watch the Gruffalo video.

Click here to watch and listen to the Gruffalo song.

Road Safety week. 19-25 November

Click here for a song about traffic lights.

Click here to watch and listen to a video about road safety.

Click here for advice how parents can keep children safe near and crossing roads.

The children got involved with the Children In Need Event November 17th 2023

What is Children In Need all about ? Click here to find out.

Watch what some children have done to raise money for the charity. Click here

Watch and listen to Mr Tumbles story about “Togetherness” click here.

Watch and listen to a story about the lost bandana. Click here

Bonfire Night November the 5th . “Remember , remember the 5th of November”

Firework song click here to watch and join in,

Watch and listen to Bing and Flops story about Fireworks click here

This week the children explored the Festival of Halloween. October 2023

Do you know how pumpkins grow song? Click here

Happy Halloween song. Click here to listen

Room on the Broom. Click here to watch and listen to the video

Room on the Broom. Click here to listen and watch the story book

Room on the Broom song. Click here to listen

As part of learning about the sense of “taste” the children explored different tastes. October 2023

A song about taste. Click here

The Sense of Taste – How Does it Work? Click here – some of the information may be for older children but let your child watch and talk to them about it.

Fruit Works Visit to Nursery September 2023

As part of exploring their senses, the children were very excited to find out how apple juice is made. They washed the apples, put them in the Macerata to be chopped up and then put them into the apple press to press the juice out. The children got to taste the juice which they all enjoyed.

Watch how apple juice is made by clicking here.

All About Me. September 2023

The children have been learning about themselves and what they look like and who they are. They have also been learning about their senses and how their body parts work. Nose – smell. Ears- hearing. Eyes- seeing. Tongue – tasting. Hands – feeling.

Learn the 5 Senses with Duggee. Click here.

Nursery visit to the Community Garden in Bradford. September 2023

The children were very excited to see how and where the vegetables and fruit grew. They enjoyed pulling the carrots, courgettes, radish, beetroot, cabbage and lettuce out of the ground. They also picked apples from the trees and tomatoes that were in the greenhouse. They were also very excited to see pumpkins growing. Photographs are on the gallery for you to look at.

Watch the video with your child to see if they can name the vegetables click here to watch.

Help your child recognise and learn the vegetables name. Click here to watch with your child.

The older nursery children visited this week. July 2023

Space For Everyone – UK Tour 2023

The UK Space Agency tour has landed in Centenary Square. Their ‘Space For Everyone’ tour is an out-of-this-world experience showcasing the role of space in improving life on Earth and highlighting the diverse and varied career paths open to young people looking to enter this fast-growing industry. Bradford is the only West Yorkshire location on the 10-stop UK tour

Take your children it’s on until Monday 10 July Centenary Square, Bradford FREE

Eid al – Adha. June 2023

Click here to find about Eid al -Adha

Click here to listen and join in with a song about Eid al -Adha

Transport – The different types of transport we use to get about and move things.

A song about Transport. Click here. Scooters are a great way to keep children fit. Click here.

Walking to school is much healthier for you and your children – Click here.

From wriggly caterpillars to fluttery butterflies.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. Click here.

Why don’t you make a healthy caterpillar wrap? Click here to find out how.

Child Safety week

Find out what dangers there are for your child and how to keep them safe. Click here.

Fun song for children to learn about safety. Click here.

Hot weather find out how to keep children safe. Click here.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Listen to the story. Click here.

How to grow your very own bean stalk. Click here.

This book is a very good book about morals and dilemmas. Should we take things that belong to others? Chat to your children about the book and help them sort out the dilemma about why Jack should or should not take the golden eggs.

King Charles III Coronation.

What is a Coronation? Click here to find out.

Royal family finger puppets rhyme; click here to listen and join in.

Don’t forget to watch the coronation with your child on Saturday 6th May as this is an historical event in their life that they will remember.

Road Safety Week

A safer world for our children. Click here

Hedgehog song for children. Click here

Road safety video for children. Click here

World Book Day March 2nd 2023

Celebrate world Book Day. Click here

Five ways stories build better children. Click here

St David’s Day March 1st . Welsh Celebration

Today is St David’s Day, or Dydd Gwyl Dewi, celebrated annually on March 1st 2023

Just like the Irish celebrate their patron saint on St Patrick’s Day, St David’s Day remembers the patron saint of Wales.

Listen and watch and find out about St David’s Day. Click here.

National Story Telling Week 30th January until 5th February

Why story telling to children is important ? Click here and click on the arrow.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears; click here.

Make sure you read your child’s Nursery book to them. If you do not have many books tell the nursery manager and she may be able to help you. You will have already received some books this month, you will also receive a new book in February.

If you struggle with English why don’t you join our Esol classes here at Communityworks. Call Jag 01274 200589

Why not join the Central Library it is free and there is a lot of choice for both you and your child?

Numbers 1-10:

Children 2-3 should be encouraged to learn and understand numbers 1-5 and the value of each. Read our Nursery handout but focus up to 5 only.

Click here for a song about numbers up to 5.

Children 3-4 should be encouraged to learn and understand numbers 1-10 and the value of each. Read the handout from Nursery.

Click here for a song about numbers up to 10.

World Nursery Rhyme week 13th – 18th November

Nursery Rhymes develop your child’s:

Vocabulary and language development:

Literacy skills.

Social, physical and emotional skills.

Early numeracy skills.

Click here to listen and sing some rhymes with your child.

Click here to help your child to ride a bike.

Click here to watch and listen to a song about bikes.

Click here to find out more about bikes and how they work.

Father’s Day

All about Father’s Day; click here

A Song about Father’s Day; click here

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Find out about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Click here.

Peppa pig goes to London to see the Queen. Click here.

A song about the letter Q q. Click here

The Moon January 2023

Whatever Next a story about a bear who wants to go to the moon. Click here.

Listen to the story about Tiny Tumble on the Moon; click here

A song about the Moon; click here

The children have been exploring love and what it means to them.

Hugo asks are there different kinds of love ? Click here to watch the video

A bag full of love. Click here for the song

Guess how much I love you? Click here for the story

The Arctic and some of the animals that live there.

A penguin song click here

Find out about Polar bears click here

A story about a white owl click here

Christmas is a Christian celebration.

A Christmas story click here.

Jingle bells song with Mr Tumble click here.

Christmas tree song click here.

The children experienced snow.

The Gruffalo’s child story click here.

Snowflake song click here.

5 little snowmen rhyme click here.

If you go down to the woods today you’ll be in for a BIG surprise ! Click here for the rhyme.

Goldilocks and the three bears story click here.

Find out more about bears click here.

Video Resources

Go to our YouTube channel to find more stories and activities

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