The children explored space travel to the Moon.

Story about a girl who wanted the Moon click here

5 4 3 2 1 Blast off click here Astronauts and the Moon

A song about the Moon click here

Make your own rocket click here

Christmas is a Christian celebration.

A Christmas story click here.

Jingle bells song with Mr Tumble click here.

Christmas tree song click here.

The children experienced snow.

The Gruffalo’s child story click here.

Snowflake song click here.

5 little snowmen rhyme click here.

The children have been learning about light and dark.

The owl who was scared of the dark click here.

Animals that come out at night click here.

A story about shadows click here.

The children enjoyed learning how to cross the road safely with an adult.

Road safety week 15th November.

click here for a song about traffic lights.

Click here for a video about road safety.

If you go down to the woods today you’ll be in for a BIG surprise ! Click here for the rhyme.

Goldilocks and the three bears story click here.

Find out more about bears click here.

Click here information about Diwali.

Click here for a story about Diwali celebrating the Festival of Light.

Click here for a song celebrating Diwali.

Owls click here for an owl story.

Click here to find out more about owls.

Click here for a counting owl song.


Click here to count leaves.

Click here to listen and watch a poem about Autumn.

Click here to see some Autumn animals.

Click here to help your child to ride a bike.

Click here to watch and listen to a song about bikes.

Click here to find out more about bikes and how they work.

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