Stay and Play – Preparing for Nursery

When your child has been identified as meeting the criteria for free nursery hours you and your child will be invited to a Stay and Play group that runs for 5 weeks before your child is due to start at our nursery.

These sessions are very important because they support your child to become familiar with the building for example the sounds, people and smells.

Your child will build friendships with other children, sometimes this may be the first time they have had to share toys etc, so it is a valuable experience before coming into nursery.

You and your child will get to know the Nursery Manager, Deputy Nursery Manager and other nursery staff, this is vital if your child is to have a good settling in experience when they start nursery.

You and your child will have time to visit the nursery to prepare them for the move to nursery. You will be able to meet other staff and ask any questions relevant to your child’s nursery experience.

From experience staff tell me that children settle in much easier and quicker if they have attended our Stay and Play sessions.

Under 2s

We do not provide childcare for children under 2; click here to search for a nursery near you that does.

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