About Us

CommunityWorks is a centre that provides for the whole community in many different ways. We believe that we have had a very positive impact on the local community and during term time we see between 500 and 600 people through our doors each week. We continue to make history with people, whether it is supporting a child develop their skills in preparation for school, an adult to speak English or get their very first job, or a student to secure a place at University.

A Brief History

Communityworks was set up in 2003 by local people from the area including St Augustine’s Church and residents and tenants groups. Local people felt strongly that there was nothing for them in their community and they wanted this to change. In 2004 we became a charity and a company limited by guarantee, controlled by a Board made up from the local community. We are based in what was the old St Augustine’s First School which was refurbished into a large community centre in 2006. We are now a thriving community project which incorporates a Children’s Centre that has a wide range of activities including a nursery for 2 to 5 year old children and opportunities for children and adults across the age range. We have developed our activities based upon the needs of local people. These change over time and we continue to adapt to ensure that we are still meeting current needs.


CommunityWorks has four primary aims that are key to everything we do:

  • Building social cohesion through bringing together individuals and changing communities. Seeking to understand each other and celebrating our differences, leading to a thriving neighbourhood.
  • To equip people with skills, knowledge, confidence and resilience to enable them to meet their needs and discover new solutions.
  • Work together with children, young people, adults and older people to encourage routes to improve life chances.
  • To be a community resource that promotes good health and well-being.
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